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Cache Idea, Safe items to place?


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My partner and I are thinking about placing a "beauty cache" with new beauty products in it. Cosmetic stuff, beauty tools, etc.... It would be good stuff. My partner couldn't bear the thought of placing cheap product. :huh:


My question is, can anyone think of any problems with the contents? I don't think animals would be attracted to non-food scented items.


Thanks for your time.

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Because most caches are hidden in a shady nook, I would think freezing would be more of an issue than heat, though it can get mighty hot even in the shade in the summer. Things like lipstick might have a problem in the heat and I'm sure the freeze/thaw cycle wouldn't be good for some products.


Animals can also be attracted to non food scented items. I've seen a raccoon do a job on a tube of toothpaste while I was camping. The thing is that if they smell something, they don't know its not food until they've investigated.


Maybe you are best off sticking to beauty "hardware" like combs, makeup brushes, headbands, scrunchies, nail clippers, travel hair brushes, barrettes, compact cases, etc...

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OK, maybe my geocaching experience is minimal, but i have been an avid camper and backcountry hiker for sometime now, and have had my share of experiences with wild animals. my take is that ANYTHIng that smells like something (candles, soap, makeup, ANYTHING) will get eaten or sniffed out by animals. you may not think it would taste good, and it probably doesn't, but to most animals it may be something to eat. anyways, i'm not saying something will eat your makeup, all i'm saying is that it might not be as unappealing to animals as you might think.



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Most people will not trade for consumables in caches, regardless of how 'untampered with' they may appear. It's not necessarily a rational thing, it's just an 'ick' factor that people have.


I used to have a girlfriend who personified this - she would not drink water from the bathroom tap, even though it was the same water that came out of the kitchen tap (which she would drink.)

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Honestly when it comes to most purchased trade items, if it was something that I really needed/wanted I probably would have gone out and bought it already.


I don't think I plan on the cache having just the shade of eye shadow I needed since my colors are winter. And like many caches, people would just leave stuff they didn't want anymore and that’s usually stuff that isn't any good.

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I agree with the "ick factor". I would not trust anything I found in a cache to be "pure" both from the standpoint of possible tampering and from possible degradation from the harsh storage conditions.


I once found a toothbrush in a cache... I traded for it, but not to use it for teeth but for parts cleaning. Put something in my mouth that came out of a cache? NO WAY.


I don't think I would put something from a cache on my face either.

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