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Enhancement Request - Increase PQ limits (Magellan and Routes)

jshults (Rally Dude)

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There's two reasons to ask for this: Caches Along a Route AND Magellan record limits.


With the Caches Along a Route feature, I've started saving other other people's ROUTES and

they count against the PQ limits. I've got nearly 20 routes from other people save now.

Maybe the Caches Along a Route should have it's own separate list and limit?


Magellen users need to keep their GPX files small due to a limit of 200 records max per file.

Because of this Magellan people need to have MORE PQ's and it's easy to reach 40.


Please increase....

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I haven't hit my limit on the number of PQs I can have defined so I can't say whether or not I'll need more. In fact, I probably have several that will get deleted at some point since I no longer use them. Maybe I'll need more someday.


As far as Magellan GPX file limitations...


As mentioned in another thread on this issue, why not create a PQ to download the max number of caches and then use an offline program such as GSAK or EasyGPS to create a subset that will satisfy the Magellan requirements?


I have pretty much all of the caches in Northern Illinois in a GSAK database even though my Garmin limits me to 1000 waypoints. In fact, I don't even fill the GPSr to capacity. I only keep two areas loaded (about 500 caches) that I frequent. If I'm going to be in another area, I can always create some space and load caches for that location.

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