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Networking pleeeease!


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I think one thing that is really missing on GC.com is the possibility to network with other cachers. I think the following would be really nice features:

  • a friend list where you can add other cachers you know
  • A group feature that lets you create shared lists and logs for a team/group of cachers
  • a detailed search of other cachers (by country, no. of caches found, interests, etc)
  • etc.

Please add your ideas! I hope GC.com can enhance the community aspect of geocaching. Because after all geocaching is most fun with if you share the fun with others. ;)

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The first two items are being worked on. You can search this section of the forums on the word "friends" to see past discussions.


The third item on your list isn't an available GC.com feature, but there are third party statistics sites that organize geocachers by their home location and number of caches found.

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I see geo names all the time and wonder if one of my old friends is into geocaching. I would love to see a feature were you can at your choice have your name something that someone can search. If it is a voluntary thing people who are paranoid can opt out. I love the idea of more social ties to other cachers with the same interests as ours like caching with kids or riding quads or boating. So far I haven’t come across to many people I think are rude or to crazy for us. Except Cache Assets but they are already our friends so we cant say anything now.

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