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Question about Caches Along a Route


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This has been a good day. I finaly made my first route from SC to TEN. and well I am happy. The question is how many can you upload a day. I have to make a trip to Oconee SC and made one but I could not upload it today. Is there a set number?? I figure if I got to go I need to try to make it worth while.


I am also looking to get a palm and figure out how to use it with my cache adventures.



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I was just uploading several routes and I noticed that when I loaded the second route, the first one disappeared. To get around this I had to save the first one, then upload the second one, then save it, then upload the third. (I uploaded 7 routes today for my trip to GeocoinFest, and returning on a alternate route).


Also, double check to make sure your route doesn't exceed 500 miles and 500 points.

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