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US Topo Maps Routable?


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I am heading to Hawaii in a couple weeks and I was wondering if the TOPO maps for the US are road routable? I have Topo Canada, and it seems to route, but I also have metroguide loaded and it might be reading that data as well. Also, if I buy the Metroguide US data, it has a note that Hawaii is unconfirmed data. Does that make it reliable? Has anyone used it?


In short, I would rather have the US Topo, but I need it to be routable.



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Topo Will indeed route. Create 2 or more points and it will create a route...

straight as the crow flies. You can even create them in Mapsource and save them or transfer them to your GPSr, but I realize that is not the answer you are looking for. <_<


If you are seeing more than that it is probabally just routing on the base maps.

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