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Explorist 210

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The box says this thing is WAAS compatible. Do I have to enable it somewhere or is is automatic? I just bought the 2nd of these that I have owned yesterday and remember one of the reasons I took the first one back...it doesn't want to zoom in closer than 100 ft....that's a big area! If I need to enable it, I can't find the menu that has that option. Can anyone offer some words of wisdom?

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I don't think it needs to be enable, just given some time under an open sky to get a good fix. At least the first time. Had a 210 for a couple weeks, and didn't want to get a WAAS fix at first, but after some time it did. (exchanged it for a 500 a couple weeks later for the color screen and SD option).

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The 100ft mark is largest scale you can zoom to on eXplorists. What the others said about WAAS is correct. There is a hidden menu that allows you to enable/disable WAAS, but you shouldn't be messing around in those hidden menus. The number of "W" satellites on your sat page depends on which WAAS satellites you can see, and the most the eXplorist will use is two.

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