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  1. And check the differences in heading N/S, E/W, The GPS's in our trucks are 2-3 miles off E/W, but right on going N/S.
  2. My Magellan from Amazon came in the original plastic "container" and was wrapped in a wad of packing paper to prevent it from banging around in the over sized box it was shipped in.
  3. I didn't have to do anything to mine. It shows up on the location page in the accuracy box as "10 ft WAAS", and on the sat tracking page as two W's on the far right.
  4. charliezulu, here's a smaller picture you might want to use for the dialup users.
  5. I was going to look for this one first: Rock and a Hard Place but the roads into this area were not really bad shape, and it would have been a long hike in a nice fridged breeze to look for it. So I got into the area of this one Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini But the area was covered in a snow pack, and the roads past this area, going deeper back into the boonies, were in bad shape so I called it a day. Was the first day of caching, not a good start, but once the weather warms up, I'll be in the hills alot with flyrod in one hand GPS in the other.
  6. Whats the difference between the two (MapSend and MapSend Topo). I bought the Magellan 210 Outdoor bundle, and installed the MapSend Topo software. Do I need to install the MapSend software on the other DVD? On the MapSend software DVD, there is a newer version of MapSend Topo3d, can I install this without any issues? The version that came with the unit was 1.00, the version on the software CD is 1.5.
  7. This is what I have loaded (Pink Outlined area) on my 210. As you can see the area is a little over 21Meg. I checked what size NE was from north, south, east, west. With every type of POI selected, and topo info it was about 24 Meg. Without POI info it was 23 Meg, without topo info it was 14 Meg.
  8. I hear you about the cold. Went looking for my first cache yesterday but was hampered by snow drifts, and about 2 feet of packed snow around the cache area. I wanted to look for other caches in the area, but the roads further into this area were covered with snow and ice and I didn't want to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere. guess I'll wait until the temp warms up and the snow melts a little.
  9. Thanks Hehe, I called a friend and had them grab it before it got covered in snow.
  10. I bought my GPS a few days ago online, and UPS tracking says it was delivered to the house today. I'm in the Military and work at remote locations for days at a time so I wasn't home to receive it. My question is; will extreme cold (-5 Deg F not counting wind-chill of around -25) do any damage to a GPS unit just sitting on the front porch over night. I have a friend picking it up in the morning.
  11. http://hanzerik.sh.nu/gallery/albums/uploa...ck/100_1820.JPG 2000 Jeep Wrangler 4" Super Lift 33" 15x10 BFG Mud Terrains Dog Stock everything else
  12. It's not that hunters don't want to hunt in the areas that have hired professional exterminators, they do. The problem is; is that these areas are mainly in and around townships like Princeton, where the upper middle class folks don't want to allow hunters on their property. Yet they feed these deer with their manicured lawns, and wonder why they are smacking a deer with their cars all the time. The hired killers are not just going out and shooting them with "hunting weapons". They have been netting them and then spiking them in the head while they are tangled in the net, and shooting them with silenced weapons at night to not wake up the locals. Many NJ Bow hunters have petitioned to be allowed to hunt in these areas, but the townships won't let them. When I lived in NJ, I bow hunted public land in the Pine Barrens, Fort Dix, and Lakehurst NAES. I keep mainly to the Military installations due to the lack of crowds.
  13. USAF E-6, 1988-Present 820th RED HORSE, Nellis AFB, NV. - 88-92 Cross trainee, Kessler AFB, MS. 92-93 B52G+H COMM/NAV, 99th CAMS, Ellsworth AFB, SD. - 93-95 MH53-J PAVELOW COMM/NAV, 352nd SOG, RAF Mildenhall, UK - 95-98 TALCE COMM/AGE, McGuire AFB, NJ. - 98-01 Instructor TALCE COMM, Fort Dix, NJ. - 01-03 Ground Combat Skills Instructor, Fort Dix, NJ. - 03-06 FE Warren AFB, WY. 06 - Present Some TDY locations: Italy, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England, Germany, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Columbia, Honduras, Porto Rico, and a crap load of state side locations.
  14. http://www.magellangps.com/products/webviewer/3Dtopo.asp Is this what the maps would look like on the Magellan 210 GPSr (other then in color)?
  15. I'm in the market for a handheld GPSr. I have looked at both the Magellan and Garmin units in the stores and have settled on the Magellan 210. I know both the Magellan and Garmin users have their own opinions as to which GPSr’s they prefer, but I like the looks, and sturdy feel of the Magellan’s compared to the Garmins. But I do have a few questions that may relate to both makes. I know the basic base map is not very detailed, and I will probably get the bundle package with the topo maps. But I am concerned that even the topo map software will not be as detailed as I want it to be. I do alot of driving and hiking in some pretty rough country here in Wyoming. I like to know exactly where I am at all times, and am very proficient with a map and compass, but would like a GPSr that can/does display the NF roads in a reasonably detailed manner. When I looked at the 210 at cabelas, it showed only the main highways and major roads. Does the Topo map software that comes in the bundle packages have maps that are a lot more detailed compared to the standard base map that comes loaded in these units? Will it show small lakes, streams, and non-major roads? And for those that have a Magellan 210; what, in your opinion, are some pros and cons of this unit? Thanks for any feedback…Hanz
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