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Paperless Caching

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I am a rather newbie to everything. Been researching this site for awhile and enjoy every minute of it but the thing is that I know printing out sheets of papers sucks and of course doesn't help the enviorment or the back pocket and so I decided to try and mess around with my ipod since I have enough space to play that I copied and pasted into a text file the description of a cache and loaded on to my ipod and of course to my surprise a nice clean paperless cache description. I, however, am asking for anyone that uses this for paper caching and wondering if they have any tips. It only took me about 5 minutes to put together 10 txt file together for 10 caches seemed to work rather slick but just seeing if anyone has any tips or suggestions them might have to make the process I guess quicker if it can be any quicker...


Thanks ahead...



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If you are a premium member you can do a pocket query to get a gpx file that will contain the descriptions of 100's of caches. Then use some software such as GSAK (I use GPS Babel as I am on a Mac) to convert the gpx file to a suitable format for upload to your iPod.... I use GPSBabel to conovert the gpx file to vCard format that can then be opened in Address Book on my Mac so that when mt iPod syncs the descriptions of all the caches are added to my iPod...


Perfect. I'm now working out the best way to connect my eTrex to my Mac so that I can upload the coordinates for all the caches to that to save me entering them by hand.



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