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Where do I get one of these?

The GeoGadgets Team

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Glad you like the geocoin. There are 5 colours referenced as a group of '5 jeeps' at cointracking.com

these are the end result of a small group coin idea floated at the end of september - 4 of the group have not made a personal coin before. I have wanted to make a trade only coin since first bothering moun10bike himself back when a nooob for silver compass rose trade :) couldn't raise the cash by myself. So of necessity and by agreement we have minted just 25 of each colour for trade

green Julieinga

yellow GPX Navigators

blue Damenace

glowinthedark white Glennk721

red - (edit: about all promised so no new trades possible)


I'd like to (rather belatedly) publically thank these guys and the long suffering Rusty at personalcoins.com for helping me make this possible - they have all been fabulous during the learning curve ( anyone who has made a coin will know what I'm talking about)

Since Damenace and Glenn have set the pace these coins are not just even a traded personal coin anymore - they're very very personal as we worked together to make them and it is so amazing that Glenn would choose to bury one of his with his Dad. Who would have thought I'd make a great friend from a failed eplace coin auction!


i was hoping to trade MTB for a stellarscapes - irony is he has gone right off the whole idea of trading exceptface to face what with the squabbling with cavscout ravens and all his coin's ebay angst - but for us I think the distance experience has been positive even when things went quite pearshaped and I hope the relative rarity of this coin will not in anyway spoil the fun for another collector. If you approach the game with an open mind and heart I think you'll get more back than the lump of metal and glass.

So with that caveat please email each cacher through GC.com profile or leave a note on the edition at cointracking.com and if no jeep trade perhaps you'll make a friend instead. Enjoy your coins :P sincerely Carolyn of Forthferalz

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