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Yet another give away!


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Merry Christmas (Cachemas)


It's been so fun for me to look through all these posts, and see the guesses. What really boggles my mind is the three people who chose October 12th! I can see how one did, but how did the others decide that that had to be the day and chose different years? Amazing! Our wedding date is October 12, 2003! It took a little over 2 years for my husband to remember my interest and send me searching for a gps on christmas morning. Congratulations to PassingWind! You shall receive one of our Extra Limited Edition Misty Gold Geocoins (either #6 or #8 not sure which was next as #7 was claimed by a certain "7" enthusiast!).


So now I just have to know - did the other 2 just have a hunch or did you actually track down some info online (because it is out there somewhere)?! I'll see if I can find another suitable prize for you two as well! Please all 3 October 12th guesses send me your addresses.


Now if only the rain would let up we could go do some caching before dinner!

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PM is on the way.


I searched the forums for posts by you with the word anniversery in it and found this post:




where you said ayour anniversary was the next day, on oct 11th. its called creative searching, and im getting pretty good at it.

Do you post under a different name? The three who guessed October 12th were PassingWind, TMOCM & Enryb.

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Tomorrow marks our 1st year of caching anniversary. My very last present last year was a GPSr, and as soon as I opened it I ran to the nearest computer to find the closest cache. I've been addicted ever since. Ironically the first time I read about Geocaching was on my wedding day. I have no idea how I found time to read a newspaper on my wedding day but I recently found the saved article. So to the first person to correctly guess our wedding date goes a Misty Gold UOTrackers coin. Only 20 exist and to date I think only 6 have left us. Might be coin #6 (they are burried in a closet so I'm not sure). I wont, however, be back at a computer until tomorrow sometime, so you'll have to wait to find out the answer. Only 1 guess per person please! Good Luck!


Gee what ever the date, congrrats...

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