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Planning a Major Cache Release

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I've been working on a major Geocache release in my area. It is themed and the areas I've been hiding the caches in are specific to the theme.

Now, where I live there isn't a huge cache saturation in the area, but new cachers have started hiding caches on top of the ones I've already hidden (but not released).


How do I go about maintaining this theme, long-thought out multiple cache release?

Do I send coordinates to the approvers?

Do I send warnings to the other cachers in the area and tell them not to plan caches for these spots?


Of course a cache is a cache... but the ones being hidden are, well, the hiders might as well drive up, throw a container out of their car window and then log the coordinates. In other words, not a lot of thought goes into the process. I'm not saying I'm a better cacher by any means... just want to know how to protect what I've been working so hard on.

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Setup cache pages for the caches as you hide them. Include a "note to reviewer" on each page, explaining your series and the proposed release date. Most reviewers will then be happy to hold the location for you, for a reasonable period of time (2 to 4 weeks would easily work in my territory). Your caches will be "on hold" until the series is reviewed and ready for release, but they will show up on a proximity search if someone else hides one nearby. Note: you cannot abuse this feature by reserving a "choice spot" for an extended period of time.


Also note the following provision in the Guidelines, which helps manage the reviewers' workload:


If you are placing a large number of caches in connection with an event cache, to be released on the day of the event, please submit the cache pages for all of the caches at least ten days in advance of the release date. Leave a “note to reviewer” indicating that the cache is for an event, and is to be released on the date specified. This allows your reviewer adequate time to review the submissions or to arrange for help from another reviewer.


I hope this is helpful.

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I had this same situation where I was placing a puzzle cache that required me to place the final almost 3 weeks before I would be able to finish the work needed for the first stage. IIRC I had to check the box that says the cache is active even though it wasn't. This way it would show up in the reviewer's list of caches waiting to be approved. I posted a note to the page in big letters stating "DO NOT APPROVE THIS CACHE YET" then went on to explain in the note as to why. You might need to do something like this if you have more than one person reviewing in your area like we do. Keystone was involved with mine and might be able to check off on this as to whether this is correct or not.

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Thanks for giving me both the cacher placer and the cache reviewer perspectives. That helps and calmed me down. There is only one thing that sucks more than having to remove a cache that has been horned out by a lamp post micro... archiving one that has been stolen or repeatedly muggled. <_<:mad::)


I'll begin immediately to send my local reviewer the caches already hidden, along with the additional waypoints...


Thanks again!


of The GeoGadgets Team

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