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Explorist Ease

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I moved from a Magellan Meridian Platinum to the eXplorist 600 and found it relatively easy to learn....


The UL/DL is easy (all USB now - so there is no messing around with comports)


The only problem I had was UL ing a detailed map, it is a little confusing but there are lots of tutorials out there and once i READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, it was a snap!



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Actually the DL/UL isn't hart to understand and get to work.


One thing that I didn't understand when I upgraded from 100 to 210 was the fact that the 210 is filebased and you have to select files all the time. You want to mark a wp? Click mark and fill in the name etc, then when saving you have to select the file to save the wp in. You want to goto? Select the file and then select the wp you want to go to.


I am used to filesystems and files so that is not a problem for me, but my kids? They still use the 100!



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Good point by bengtb. The eXplorists are different from other GPSrs due to being file based. There is no "working memory", all waypoints, routes and tracks are in their own files, in specific folders. You make certain files active, but you can still access other files. Once you figure this out, it is a very effective way of managing your data.

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Because the Explorist uses SD Cards you can use a program like Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK) and just pop the card into a reader and upload anything you want.


It only takes a few minutes to upload the info on hundreds of caches into the GPSr.


If you don't have a card reader, it's easy to use the cable that comes with the Explorist to connect to your computer. If you are comfortable with the Windows filing system, you'll soon be very comfortable with Magellan's filing system since they are essentially the same.

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Is the Explorist series (210 - 500) easy to use. I mean downloading from the computer. I have a 100 and want to upgrade for Christmas. I like the idea of being able to download, especially since I'll be traveling more next year.

Well ive had mine for 2 months now a 400 explorist and it is sooo easy i cant belive it.The program that magellan gives you ie manager takes files from geocaching and converts and stores em in the explorist poof that easy.as is the usb connectin too.

I do reccommend a few things.

1 premimum memebership at geocaching first of all.

2 GSAK registered preferred as it is the one program that will sort list as you want to as you grow in this OLYMPIC sport (it is in my book anyway).

3 when you go paperless if you do then cachemate is the winner for transferring too.

Now with the above being said there are other programs out there and im sure they are good too but i have tested a few and the above are true winners. Now go cache em guy!!!!!!!!!!

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I will vouch that a Explorist 210 is a very easy GPSr to use. Although technically minded, a new gadget is a new gadget with it's own set of menus and screens to work out.


I mainly went with the Magellan Explorists due to the directional joystick on the front, a lot easier to use than something on the side of the unit, as many of the Garmin's are.

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