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Do you recomment a PDA over a dedicated GPS unit?

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I'm pretty confused, so many options. I really need a large >3.5" screen that can be seen in the sunlight as I will be finding the geocaches on my motorcycle.


I like the Garmin Ique 3600 PDA (GPS +paperless caching) but the Lowrance Iway 500c dedicated GPS has a huge screen that can be seen in the sunlight.


Would also like to see the geocaches pop up as I drive so I can stop if I see one.


Any experiences ideas?

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I use the garmin 60csx mounted on my motorcycle.Just a not most handheld gps screens will be more readabke in the sunlight than a pda screen will ever be.I have no problems seeing the screen or directions of my 60 series and it would be way more durable during a drop or crash than a pda.I started out caching using an Ipaq pda and now am very happy with my garmin and the ipaq is just for running cachemate

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In truth, you need both. You need a robust, durable, waterproof GPS for walking in the woods, and you need a PDA for holding the cache info, logs, mapping programs, calendar, contacts, and everything else. You DO NOT want to be walking through the woods and briars holding a PDA. I have a Palm Tungsten T3 and a Garmin Legend. I would have the Palm even if GPS didn't exist, and some form of Garmin or Magellan even if PDAs didn't exist. Therefore I have both. I run Mapopolis on the Palm, connected to the Garmin, for voice turn-by-turn driving directions; when I get to the parking area, I disconnect them, put the Palm in my pocket for use when stopped and stable, and use the Garmin for finding the cache. On a motorcycle, you're going to have some problems with vibration and rain, but then you'll always have problems of some sort on a motorcycle. You can get a cheap PDA that will be good enough for geocaching, which is not demanding at all for any PDA, and if you break it, you're not out that much.

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Thanks, guys, great comments and I can understand the logic of two devices.


I already have an Etrex so I can get from the car to the cache, no problem. Actually I have it mounted on my motorcycle and enjoy the compass and the speed indication!


I like the PDA idea, did a bunch of research today (the internet was slower than usual today because I was sapping so much bandwith) and decided to buy a Palm TX. The stars must have aligned right because Circuit city had an ad tosay for a free $70 keyboard. Sweet! I figure I can geocache, see maps, listen to Mp3's and view pics with this.


Now, what are my options for the receiver, mapping software? I have a copy of Street Atlas 2007 and it looks like I can download maps to the Palm and, if I get a bluetooth GPS receiver from the internet, I will be able to see see where I am going real time on the screen. Is this right? But will I be able to see geocaching waypoints?


Knightrider, you mentioned that you use Mapopolis and the Garmin. It looks like Mapopolis and the TX do not play well in the same sandbox (memory issues) so I may need to look for some other software. Any recommendations? Also, Can I hook my Etrex up to the TX (I cant see where it would hook up).


Thanks for your help!

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