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Vote for Jon and Miki


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In the General Geocaching Section El-D is gifting a walking stick to a geocacher who is deemed to be nothing but good news.


Jon and Miki are finalists!! Yay them.


Go here:


Finalists and How To Vote


Scroll down to El D's finalist list for instructions and finalists...


And vote for your choice, Jon and Miki if you really do know what really is good for you!


- T of TandS

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Miki and I would like to thank all of you who voted for us in the recent El Diablo hiking stick award contest.


Neither Miki nor I had even noticed the thread until Saturday morning, so the nomination was a considerable (and very pleasant) surprise when we saw the post on the SE national forum that we were in the final 5. Actually receiving the most votes was completely unexpected!


TandS' nomination "speech" was touching and we appreciated it and the votes as much as we will enjoy using and showing off the hiking sticks themselves.


It must be remembered that there were many involved in the fight against H3777, and many of those same individuals also participated in the Camp New Horizons geocaching activity with the kids. Certainly TandS' essay could easily have been a good description of Travis & Stephanie themselves, and would also have fit Sissy n' CR, Llatnek, Hologram21, or ScienceNerd with few if any changes to the text other than a few more accolades for their work. And many other geocachers have given community service in a variety of areas. Any credit that Miki and I received ought to have been shared with many others!


Again, thank you for the nomination and the votes. We will treasure both while we work on putting a few miles on those sticks.


Jon & Miki

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