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Taking a Step Back

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After posting in some heated threads where it seems that a few folks are convinced that other posters in the same thread will end geocaching for us all I had a chance to step back a bit.


The big picture is that we are debating good things. Things like what level of permission is needed. It's not a discussion about placing caches willy nilly. In another thread the debate is over how best to notify the owner about a cache issue. Not about not maintaining caches. Another thread is how best to work with the parks for the greatest good for geocaching and so on. None of the currently raging debates are dark vs. light. It's all shades of light. When you step back it's rather funny sometimes how much heat that can generate.


Anyway, sorry if I've run roughshod over some folks debating how much permission is needed and other things. I enjoy posting in the forums. It's easy to get carried away.

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No! Oh God! I can feel them! My brain cells are functioning! Oh, the horror! Thanx to your eye opening revelation I might have to start watching PBS, listening to talk radio and driving emission friendly vehicles. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but I sure was having fun in my ignorance. Personally, I view the degree of angst present in some posts as the reflection of the poster's passion for this game we all love. Some of us obviously love it more than others. :anicute:

(disengaging my brain's autopilot)

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Taking a step back can do lot's good thing's like now, looking back at all the threads and seeing all the different shades of light like Renegade Knight said make's one think. Also when I am geocaching, sometimes it is good just to take a step back and sometimes that help's me find the cache. So in the end I think it is good just to take a step back and take a breather. Why because it help's me when I am geocaching and with life. Just my two cent's.

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