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The power of caching

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There have been many posts in the past of the demise of TB’s, so thought I’d share this positive story.




On 13 January 2003 I released two travel bugs which would circumnavigate the globe in opposite directions. DuneRat and BushRat. Due to a little mixup they both headed in a westerly direction so I let it be and they continued on their way. DuneRat is on his second circumnavigation and has covered 83000km.


BushRat unfortunately disappeared in the clutches of a noob circa April 2004 :blink:. Despite numerous emails, never received a response or further news of the TB. Brick managed to track the noob’s sister down, you’ll be amazed what you can find on Google, and we received the noob’s true email address. Sent off a few friendly emails without response and eventually gave up and marked the TB as MIA in an unknown location. :o


Two and a half years later I received a post notification that BushRat has been discovered and placed in a cache in Peru. WONDERFUL….except… I was soon to discover that it had been placed in a cache which had not been approved. The placer it seems attempted a cache placement while on vacation and would also not be able to recover the TB. :huh:


I couldn’t believe this cruel twist of fate. However, at least the cacher had the coordinates and a photo. I placed the TB in the closest cache I could find and posted pleas :P of help on the three nearest caches along with the photo and coordinates. The same day I received an offer of assistance from TeamNulti2003 (thanks guys) and the day after it was picked up by Blithe (many thanks). :huh:


I guess I’ll never find out where the TB has been hiding for the last 2.5 years, but it’s great to see the network of cachers in action to salvage a TB.


Just wanted to share the story. Perhaps you can share some similar stories.

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Globalrat, seeing as you are such a great Detective.....:blink:


how about taking up a new case ?


Can you find / recover Castle Draft last seen in the hands of Team Fido.


I have emailed them numerous times, to no avail. :blink:


Could be worth a case of Castle.

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