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sending waypoints to gps


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I am running windows 98 and I think that is my prob. Is there any program someone could recomend so I can send waypoints to my gps through the computer. I cant use easy GPS or GSAK. Swiss army works for downloading to my palm but bot to the gps. I keep getting an error message saying somthing like "Cant find file COM1. But when I go to Garmin.com, I can update my gps with there software. PLEASE HELP

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This thread will likely migrate to the GPS Units and Software section...


You'll need to run an older version of EasyGPS (version 1.3.7) for Windows 98. Try this link.


Older GSAK (version 5.x.x and earlier) should work, if everything is set up properly. What make and model of GPSr do you have, and how is it connected? (USB? Serial?) Win98 handles USB devices a bit differently than Windows 2000/XP, by the way.

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I keep getting an error message saying somthing like "Cant find file COM1.


COM 1 is one of the serial ports on your computer; does the error message actually say "file", or does it just say it can't find COM 1? What port on your computer does your GPS hook up to?


Also, did you set up GSAK to run with your particular GPS?

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