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time to upgrade to Garmin GPSMap 60CSx?


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Well...Today I experienced Gpsr jealousy when someone in the filed showed me his Garmin GPSMap 60CSx.

Seemed to be sturdier, get better reception, more user friendly, not to mention much larger map size.

I already have a 1G Micro SD which would fit the new unit....buy or not?


Looking for: better accuracy and easier to read (53 yr old eyes) screen...less drop outs under tree canpy, etc. Will the newer unit give me those options?

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You will not be disappointed. I upgraded from a 60CS to a 60CSx 2 months ago and it was a huge sat. lock difference. More sats. and a stronger lock under tree cover means more accuracy. I can now get 5-6 locking sats. in my house. I could never get that with my old unit. Not even 1 locking sattelite. Plus having a 1 gig card gives me more mapping on my unit. I am very happy I upgraded!

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Two months ago I upgraded from a 5+ year old Garmin GPS V to the 60CSx.


The 60CSx is better in every way, although in many ways marginally better. For me the best improvements are the USB interface (MUCH faster than the old serial connection), the expanded memory (I find the card that came with the unit acceptable for the time being, but eventually I will expand it), and the much faster route calculation when auto-routing.


Accuracy is slightly better than the ol' V (maybe) but it never loses signal, even under the oak forests here in North Jersey.


If I just used the GPS for geocaching I would not have upgraded. The ol' V could be a little frustrating at times, but it worked just fine. It is still my first choice for kayaking since I can lash it to the deck and the screen still faces towards me with the antenna up in the air.


No regrets for upgrading, the 60CSx is a great device, just a wee bit of buyers remorse. I guess I was just expecting more wow! Or, maybe I just under appreciated my V for too many years!

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