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how to make a gpx file?


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Thanks RobertLipe and PDOPS.


I'm using a Garmin eTrex Venture and an eTrex Vista C. I have MapSource - I'll browse through the material to see if I can figure out how to convert directly to a .gpx from there.


Otherwise I'm using either Win 2K or XP depending on the computer at the time. I'll check out gpsbabel and gpstrackmaker in addition to the MapSource.

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I want to utilize a set of tracks from my Garmin etrex to visualize in some mapping program (Google Earth?). I understand that I have to convert the Garmin data to a .gpx file. What program do I best use to do that?



Another option is to download a program called "SportSim" at sportsim.com. It allows you to download tracks, view then, view elevation profiles, speed, etc. It has a neat button "Send tracks to Google earth". It works great!

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Get the free upgrade to the latest version at Garmin.com


I have ver. of MapSource and I see Save As only with .gdb, .mps and .txt - no .gpx


You need to have a file opened in Mapsource first then the .gpx option will show up in the Save As pulldown.


You can view your .gdb or .gpx files on Google right from Mapsource....click View...then View in Google Earth.



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