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Changing user id....

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I opened a new account with the new userid I want. I copied all the find logs to the new account. Now I need to do a few more things:


1) Copy all DNF logs.

2) Copy all photos I have posted to various find logs.

3) Copy all of my benchmark finds and DNFs.

4) Get my premie membership transferred.

5) Delete all finds and DNFs, etc, from the disenchanted account.


How do I get my premie membership transferred? Is there any easier way to do any of the above than just cut and paste one at a time???


Phew. :laughing: Doesn't help any when the server goes down right in the middle of all this :o

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I opened a new account with the new userid I want.

Will you be enchanted now? :laughing:


Seriously, when I switched the premium account to this account (by dropping a note to gc, as recommended by mtn-man), it went pretty quickly. If you have any benchmarks or manage any waymarks be sure to move them over first, too.

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Ok, 12 hours later I am finished. Sure picked a heck of a time to change over, or did the server pick a heck of a time to crash over and over???


Disenchanted and his stupid cat avatar are no more. I'll be going to bed now. See y'all tomorrow as Okiebryan.

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