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I came across a cache a couple months back, while my dog was chasing rabbits, ...

So you take your dog to a park and let it loose to chase down, and if it were able, attack and kill rabbits. Is that not a correct statement? How cute and friendly your dog must be.


... , we did not expect to see someone there and the dogs being off leash and running ahead approached them first. My friends dog jumped on the daughter,

So essentially, the dog was unleased, running loose and beyond control of the owner, and then jumped on a child.


Her dog is very friendly.

Please explain how anyone can determine, in 5 seconds, if a running dog is friendly or not.


We stood there stunned, my friend was completly shaken. I am a responsible dog owner, as is my friend.

No. You are not responsible dog owners. You let your animals chase wildlife and can't prevent them from jumping on people.


The whole point of my diatribe is that, I know this park is for everyone, dog walkers, geo-cachers, everyone, but there needs to mutual consideration between all parties.
Keep that point in mind.


If you visit a place have respect for the people that have been walking their dogs there for years.
You are not walking dogs, you are letting them run uncontrolled to harass wildlife and jump on people.


I will respect your activities and hope you respect mine, which usually innvolves my dog.
Your claim of respect is false. If you respected other people, you would control your animals.


Spoken like someone who knows nothing about dogs or animals in general, and very little about people.


Hahaha... that's exactly what I thought. As far as "chasing down wildlife" goes, I hear this ALL the time from people who don't know a thing about how dogs act. My dog killed a squirrel, twice, which I believe is the dream every dog that has ever lived has. People told us "oh, now she's a killer. You better watch out". That is the most ridiculous thing. Dogs are very smart animals and they know the difference between wildlife and people. This dog is now 12 years old and has never bitten anyone. In fact, if robbers broke into our house, she's probably greet them wagging her tail (she's not the greatest watchdog).


Also, if you know anything at all about dogs, it's extremely easy to tell when a dog is running at you because it wants to greet you and when it's charging at you because it wants to attack you. It's pretty obvious.


Obviously you've also never been to an off-leash dog park, because they are exactly what the name says. If you don't like dogs, or don't want to risk a dog jumping on you, then logically one would assume that you should stay away from the off-leash dog park.


And did you not pick up where the original post mentioned that the "child" in question was a 14yo teenager?


In my area, there is a large complex that hosts soccer fields, a playground, tennis courts, a board walk and an off leash dog park.... People utilizing this facility do not necessarilly expect unleashed dogs.... Is it so difficult to ask that those who have not properly obedience trained their dogs keep them on a leash??? If it were STRICTLY an off leash dog park, then visitor beware... If not, then the dog owner should take proper precautions depending upon the disposition and level of training of their dog. The mother in question in the initial post was clearly a freak!!!!! I am not defending her, but only suggesting that those with untrained dogs, keep them ON leash, even in an area where off leash is permissable. Off leash parks are a priveledge to be enjoyed by owners and dogs with proper manners. Dogs with bad manners or no training are a danger to other dogs, other dog owners, geocachers, and other wayward travelers.

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