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Digital map viewing on PDA


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Hey folks,

I have a Palm m505 and would like to be able to stick a road map, or topo map, either one, on the Palm so that I can navigate and view bigger areas without having to work on my slow gps. I'm not looking to connect my gps to it (I was, but found out I couldn't). I found a program called Firepad Map Viewer, but it simply allows you to zoom and pan on digital images. Since I use Topo3D, is there a program I could get for the palm that could read a region? Even a simple program that has semi-detailed road maps. I'd really love it if I could find a viewer and be able to download the whole Google map (for at least my area) and pan around on it (great map for general nav). Any help is always appreciated!



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I'd like to be able to view topo maps in full resolution that I dowload through USAPhotoMaps. I can clip a large .jpg, and I want to be able to scroll around it and see the same level of detail I can see on my PC. Zooming would be pretty useless.


Will Firepad do this? Are there other products?



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Firepad looks like it can do what you want it to. Firepad Link It allows you to load a map onto PalmOS and scroll, zoom out, zoom back in to 100% (and in between) and some other things. It looks nice, although a bit pricey at $29.95 for just a picture viewer. I'm going to check into that USA Photomaps and see if that would work for me with Firepad (or another product if anyone else knows of something good).



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I'm still looking for any advice out there. I tried USAPhotoMaps, and that works awesome for making JPG maps, but I need a good viewer. Firepad looks good, but it's not cheap; anyone know of a good cheap (or free) palm os 4 compatible picture viewer? I found mapopolis for showing roads, but it isn't very detailed. I was hoping to find a program that was basically a road map for the PDA, but no luck so far with anything good and that will work with Palm OS 4. I posted on the Google maps forums to see if anyone knows if I can put a hard copy of Google maps onto it, but no replys... any info on that here?



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Try Hand Map.












"These maps can be used for free with HandMap in trial mode without any purchase necessary. You can use these maps to evaluate the functionality of HandMap. Note that most of these maps are either medium detail or cover a very small area. The full maps that you can purchase from our web store are much larger and include full detail.


Download HandMap and install it to your PDA. Then download a sample map and install it.

PalmOS: Use the Palm Install Tool to HotSync the map .PDB files to RAM.

PocketPC: Use the ActiveSync Explorer to drag and drop the map .PDB files to the “\My Documents\Maps” directory on your PocketPC."





Screen shots from Mapopolis for Palm OS 5





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