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What makes a geocoin a geocoin?


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There is some good basic information here



The prime focus of the page is GeoCaching.com trackable geocoins


Be aware that there are geocoins that are trackable elsewhere, and geocoins that are not trackable at all


There is also a definition of what Groundspeak considers a geocoin in one of the pinned topics at the top of this section of the forums

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A geocoin fits three broad catagories.


First if the coin is a signature itme for a cacher, it's a geocoin.


Second, if it's tracalbe in some way somewhere like a travel bug, It's accepted as a geocoin.


Third if it's related to caching in some way though it's neither a signature coin or trackable it can be a geocoin.


If it's not any of the above but it's accepted as a geocoin, it's a geocoin.


There are coins that don't really fit any of the above. May they all suffer bronze disease and turn into green powder.

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That is an ongoing debate, but no, I don't think the hole has anything to do with whether it's a geocoin or not. For the purposes of this board and sales it's trackability.


I don;t think trackability is a must criteria to be a geocoin. There are few individuals in this forum who have non-trackable personal geocoins and they're the same as any otehr geocoins out there (except for the trackability). Many people (including myself) have traded coins with these non-trackable coins and happy with them.

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