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Unused GPS units needed for Low income kids

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Hi fellow geocachers,


I work with an organization called DREAM that is a mentoring program organized by Darmouth students and alumni who work with kids from low income families in Vermont. They have placed one cache (not published through this website) for these kids on private land, but would like to teach orienteering and teambuilding through geocaching in the larger community, but their budget is small. I am hoping that some of you might consider donations of older GPS units that you are no longer using to help them in this endeavor. The following is a note from the director of this program:


GPS Donation


DREAM is a Vermont mentoring program empowering children from

affordable housing neighborhoods to recognize their options, make informed

decisions,and achieve their dreams. College students and kids form mentoring

pairs and do different activities every Friday with regional and national trips every



We're always looking for more programming options and we'd like to get

into geo-caching. If you have any GPS units that you can part with, we'd

appreciate the donation.


Gifts can be shipped to:

The DREAM Program, Inc.

PO Box 361, 87 Elm

Street, Winooski, VT, 05404.


Your donations are tax deductible. Please include

the value and we will send you a receipt.


Learn more about DREAM at www.dreamprogram.org or call Daniel at





Daniel Shearer

The DREAM Program

P.O. Box 361

Winooski, VT 05404




I encourage you to check out their website, they are doing wonderful thing to help low income families and helping their children.


Thanks, in advance, for your generosity!1



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