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buymagellan.com still in existence?

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Hey folks,

Does anyone know what is up with buymagellan.com? I ordered my Topo3D software from them nearly a year ago, but their website doesn't exist anymore. Does the company still exist? It's a little disconcerning when a company you've ordered something from disappears so quickly, especially if they keep customer/payment data. Does anyone know anything about what happened to them or whatnot?


I assumed this forum category would be broad enough since the site sold units and software, but if not, please move this thread.



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Was that the official Magellan online store? (I never paid too close attention since Magellan's prices were always so much more than other online vendors).


If so, you can now purchase things directly at the Magellan web site. Perhaps this was a reorganization that happened after the Magellan division was purchased from Thalles.


Or perhaps I'm mis-rememberin' again.

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Howdy Folks!


I owned and operated the business BuyMagellan.com as a second job (and to promote geocaching!) for 5 years so my wife could stay home and start raising our family. She went back to work in May so I had to close up shop. Not enough time to do a good job of running a business along with each of us working and 2 kids. It was a great experience and I had the pleasure of meeting lots of wonderful people. Thanks to everyone who remembers me!

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That's too bad to hear. I was looking to pick up a good priced bike mount for my explorist 600. You had the lowest price out there! It's good you have your priorities straight; family comes first always. Thanks for running a good honest business while it lasted! Thanks for popping in here and letting us know.


Happy caching!



edit: In retrospect, I have really bad grammar...

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