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guideline clarification


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If there was a delete option then people could post and then remove it. Thats not good.


But my message was entered in the wrong place because I'm only beginning to learn how to use the forums. So I reentered it in the right place. Now this is a "thread" that is just wasting space.


If I can't remove my own mistake message, why couldn't a moderator type person do it - he'd see that I wasn't just flaming someone and then trying to back out of it or something else mean. It was a simple mistake, why waste time and effort to save it? It doesn't even serve as a help to others as I'm sure it's covered in a faq area.


I just want things to make sense and be organized. Even now, before I post this, there is no cancel option.


Sue Gabel

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Actually, to the OP - there is no "cancel" button because you don't have to actually submit your post, you can just go back in your browser off of the post form. The edit option is only available for 24 hours, after which you can't edit your own posts. I find that a bit annoying, but that's the way it is.

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