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I know people that have a thousand finds that put out crappy caches, so don't worry about the number.


I wish there was a big brother/sister kind of program though. If you know another cacher that you respect/admire his hides, then talk to him. Heck, even if you don't know him shoot 'em an email, most cachers would be happy to help. (not that you need help, but if you respect them, they may be able to add insight or suggestions or see potential problems that you wouldn't think of).

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No, he needs at least 26 finds, none of them micros, before he can possibly hide a cache that will not be flamed here by somebody - oh, wait! Such a cache doesn't exist! :D




Did you look at the logs? It's already been flamed for being a leaky container and the log is wet. The owner did post that he is going to change the container. I think we all learn more by placing a hide or two and seeing what the problems are than either by finding other peoples caches or even reading what is said in the forums. Looks like the OP is learning. :D


I am suprised that no one has complained that the cache has a religious theme. I have no problem with this particular cache, I can understand why people hide caches in the parking lot of their church. It may be easy to get permission there.


To the OP - congratulations on your first hide. Keep learning as you keep caching. Hide the kinds of cache you like to find.

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