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MapSource Question

Jim W

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While loading maps from MapSource I noticed the grayed out check box at the bottom left corner "Include route calculation data" is there a reason this can't be used ? or should I not worry about it ?




Some map sets, like Topo and MetroGuide, aren't usable for autorouting on the GPSr, so that could be greyed out if you only have those map segments (or no map segments) selected for download.


You'll need to have that box checked for autorouting information to be sent to your GPSr. Select a different map set to download with Autorouting capability, like City Select or City Navigator.

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Have you connected to the gps yet? Mine was greyed out when I used my Vista but not greyed out with the 60CS. But I had to actually connect to the 60CS


Yeah, I have it connected right now with the usb cable, and I've uploaded maps to the 60CSx, but it's still grayed out

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The NT versions do not allow you to NOT send routing data, so the option in not shown.


Red90, you came through with the answer as usual, I knew if you were around you would know, you sure have been a great help to me, thanks again


BTW, I found the Tide Tables on the 60CSx, right where you said they would be



Jim W

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I can confirm that auto-routing IS possible with Mapsource TOPO, I have done it using a Vista Cx!


Topo USA or Topo Canada?


Most of the time users on here assume when everyone says Topo, they mean USA.


Topo USA will not autoroute on the GPS or on the computer.


Topo Canada will autoroute on the GPS and on MapSource.


If you are referring to Topo USA, what you may be seeing is the GPS routing on the Basemap, which is what it wil revert to if you are looking at Topo Maps. If you have Topos and City Select/Nav maps loaded you can also tell it to route in City S/N, and switch to Topo and see the route. If it has to re-route, however, it will act wonky.

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OK, sorry for leaving that out. I'm in England, using TOPO Great Britain. I wrongly assumed the same standard would apply to TOPO covering other areas.


I didn't think about Topo Great Britian :lol:


Unfortunately no, the same standard does not apply. If you want Autorouting in the US, you need one of the following:


Any version of City Select

Any version of City Nav

Metroguide 4.01.

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