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Garmin 60csx record Date/Time on Waypoints?

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The time is only stored in the comment field when a new waypoint is created. The annoying thing is that there is a <time> field in the GPX standard for the time a waypoint is created so it's a shame that this is not being used. What would also be useful is for the time to be recorded when a cache is marked as found when running in GEOCaching mode. We find that this time is not captured anywhere so effectively making this mode to be useless. We always recreate the cache location as a new waypoint rather than marking as found so we can capture the date:time.



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The handhelds do indeed store it only in the comment as described above - making it rather impractical to *use*.


Some Garmins (the 276/296 come to mind) actually store waypoint creation time in the unit and read/write it in the place in the transfer protocol sensibly. On these models, for example, if you send a PQ with GPSBabel, the cache placement date will show up in the GPS.


Sue is correct that the unit doesn't visibly record the time of a geocache find, but it does keep the order of the finds. On the calendar, the finds appear on the right day in reverse order they were found. That's a little funky, but works out OK for me for logging as the order is usually enough to tickle my memory.


I've asked Garmin to make the 'found it' calendar available to the host computer, but that conversation didn't seem to go anywhere.

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I understand the date/time is stored with "active" tracks. What is considered an active track? I assume you mean active as in recording positions. Too bad this is the case. I was wanting to do some geotaging of photographs. I can still do it but not as an automatic process as would be possible if the date/time were recorded.

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Sorry, I do not understand the problem. Can you explain what is NOT working.


When you download with Mapsource, you will get the "Active" tracks. These are recorded in internal memory up to 10000 points. If you have "save to card" turned on, these are also stored on the card by date as GPX files. These have no size limits other than the card size. All of these tracks have the time and date with each point.

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I'm sorry I'm not being clear. I used a program called "LoadMyTracks" to download my saved tracks from my gps to my Macintosh computer. The file format that was downloaded was .gpx. I next loaded that .gpx file into a program called "GPSPhotoLinker" which is a program that will compage date/time's on the track points to date/time's stamped on the digital photos and link those that match up within a set of parameters.


The problem is that the "GPSPhotoLiner" software reported that the date/time was not recorded on my track points. Manually opening the .gpx file shows that the only info present is the lat, lon, ele and point name.



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You can not use "saved" tracks. When you Save a track on the GPS, it removes the date/time and filters the track to a maximum of 500 waypoints. You need to use the active track or the tracks that are stored on the micro-SD card, these have the date and time and contain ALL of the data points.

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