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Must do caches in Destin, FL area?


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"Must do"? No not really, but there are some nice ones if you have the time.


GCN994 Ranger Trail - Between Eglin and Ft. Walton

GCHN5D Oak Tree Cache #2 - Mary Esther (just off Hwy 98)

GCH0V4 OakTree Cache - Mary Esther (also off 98 but a lot harder to get to as it's in residential area)

GCHEXT Senior Citizen Hide-out - Ft. Walton (just off 98)


Even though I used to live in Destin, I never looked for any caches there because of the parking situation - they'll tow a tourist in a heartbeat and a local even faster. Also. get a map. You can avoid Hwy 98 traffic from the foot of the bridge to Wal-mart (maybe further now) via Mountain Drive, Airport Road, and a few others I don't know the names of off hand.


If you need som dining suggestions, I can help you out there too.


The Doughnut Hole - North side of 98


Grafitti's - same as above Go down Beach Drive and turn right behind the Circle K. That'll take you behind the building next door which is where Grafitti's is. It's a lot easier to get in and out that way. Ask for Bonita and tell her that I (Rob from GulfNet) said "Hi". It won't help with the bill but it might get you seated quicker.


McGuire's Irish Pub -Right at the foot of the Destin Bridge, you can't miss it.


Going to the beach? Unless you're staying on the beach in one of the many over-priced condo/hotel/resorts getting to the sand can be a trick. Henderson Beach State Park is a great place (at least it was when I lived there). It cost a few dollars to get in but it's well worth it. Parking is no problem and the park is well equipped with restrooms, picnic areas, showers, and so on.


If you need any additional information, let me know and I'll tell you what I know.

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Thanks, Rob, for all the great info! I like to buy local maps of anywhere I stay, and not just for caching purposes. I love exploring new places.


We WILL be staying at one of the overpriced condos on the beach, but fortunately the owner is a friend of my parents and we've got a much reduced price. (I've paid the hotel on the beach prices in Navarre, and this is cheaper!)


Do you know anything about the aviation museum at Eglin? My dad has been hinting that he'd like me to bring him there.

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Do you know anything about the aviation museum at Eglin? My dad has been hinting that he'd like me to bring him there.


It's not the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson (Dayton OH.) but it's worth the trip. Eglin's museum is more centered around armaments but it has a nice collection of aircraft (Two WW II era bombers, Century Series fighters and newer) that have made use of the air delivered (non-nuclear) ka-boomite developed at the labs located on Eglin.

If you have time, the Navy Aviation Museum at Pensacola Naval Air Station is really worth the trip. If you're traveling down Hwy 98 or I-10, you pass it twice on your way. Take a guided tour if possible. They're guided by the actual people that operated and maintained a lot of the aircraft on display.

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