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non-member owned TB in a member-only cache

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they will be able to read what you write as the log for the TB, but they won't be able to go to the cache page to see where it ended up. I personally like to watchlist every cache one of my TBs is in, just in case there start to be logs like "no TBs in the cache" or "___ TB seems to be missing". They won't have that option unless they pony up the $3.


One thing I would think about before placing a cache in a MOC -- how many premium members are in your area, and how many have yet to find that cache? (i.e, is it a really new cache, or has everyone already been there, done that). MOCs around here get a lot less traffic than "regular" caches, so TBs in them tend to be stuck in them for months - until someone notices and rescues them. As a TB owner, having a TB put into a cache and then sit there for 10 weeks is fine if you can follow the logs and know that either a) no one has been to the cache in that time or :ph34r: people have been there and commented that the TB is still there. 10 weeks might be an eternity if you can't follow the logs.

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