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Garmin 120 owner need a bit of help

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Hi and thanks for reading this,OK i am using easy GPS and like i said i have a rhino 120 ( i need the radio) now when i download waypoints in a GPX file they are transferred to the GPS and they appear in the waypoints, in this format GXXXXX to find out which cache i am looking at i have to bring up that waypoint and scroll through where the co-ords are stored to see the cache name MY QUESTION...is there any way to have the name of the cache displayed without going through that each time till i find the cache i am looking for? thank you . :D

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That G number is the number of the cache and is also found on the cache page. Many units only take up to six characters for names. So that is why these numbers are used as opposed to the cache name. Which would be hard any way becuase to different caches could easily have the same first 6 letters.

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