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I am in complete agreement with you. I have also found questionable caches that were not good for our environment. I also will add to the list of improper placement by saying that we need to be more aware of WHERE we are placing new caches in regards of proximity to other caches. I have noticed that there are many that are placed within feet of one another. I view this as unacceptable in that caches are becoming redundant. If they are redundant then what IS the purpose? If caches become meaningless in that regard, they become trash and should and will be seen by others as TRASH. So, my advice is to punch in your coordinates, check out what else is nearby and reconsider where you are placing.

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How's this one. I took my 12 year old neice caching for the first time. She got stung by a yellow jacket when she stuck her finger in the "wrong" pipe. The micro was in the "other" pipe -- there were only two.


I've asked that the cache be moved. Appropriate or not?


You could ask but I scarcely think such a situation required an SBA hit. Now, had there been an animal making a nest out of the site, which happened to me, then maybe so to expedite the process. But for a simple, yellow jacket sting ... no... just part of the hunt.

On one of my caches, I had a finder find it - covered in bees. The tree it was in now has a rather impressive beehive inside it (of course, right in the hole I'd been using for the cache). So, he wasn't quite up for replacing it in that same hole. His solution was to place it in a nearby fallen log, to report that on the cache page, and to send me an apologetic e-mail that he was unable to replace it as originally hidden. Personally, I was just glad he didn't get stung!


He didn't directly ask me to move it, but it's still in the same log he found (about 10 feet from the original hide, but on the other side of the tree), since when I went back, the beehive had grown. For one sting? I don't think that's SBA worthy. But, I think it would be fine to comment on the sting, and if the owner would like to move it, then that's up to them. At a minimum, you'd have warned future seekers that there might be yellow jackets nearby. We've been stung by yellow jackets several times while caching (once even while coated in DEET), and just figured it was part of the deal. You go hiking in the woods - you might find things that live outdoors.


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I've run into the same thing here in CO. You get jumped all over for trying to keep the hobby honest. So the approach I've taken is no log, no smiley and I just throw the dadgum thing in the nearest dumpster and move on down the road.


Sorry, but I have to cry "FOUL" on this... :)


Not the way to handle the problem.

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Back OT, I don't think that the OP should feel like they cannot make an SBA log just because they were caching outside of their "normal" range. In theory, all caches follow the same guidelines. I know that some reviewers are more or less strict, but if a cache violates the rules then it violates the rules. Placing an SBA log does NOT archive the cache - it just raises a red flag to make sure that TPTB know something might be up with that cache. If I found a cache that I felt should be archived, I would probably first contact the owner (and likely note something in my online log, to warn future seekers). If they responded with "none of your business", I would a) keep that reply in case the reviewer questioned about it and :) post an SBA. Every cacher should have the right to ask about the caches they are seeking. If there are special circumstances that I do not know about, then tell me when I write. If there aren't, and if in my mind it's a clear violation of the rules, (and if the reply made it clear the owner saw no need for correcting said violation), then I would turn it over to the reviewer and let them sort it out.


It's why they get paid the big bucks, right? :):)


Luckily, I have yet to find a cache that I felt needed an SBA - closest was one where it seemed there were just too many DNF's in a row. (didn't SBA or NM it, since my DNF is not, to me, sufficient cause. but since it's near my parents, I watchlisted it. a local has since SBA'd it, leading to a recovery of the cache... now I know what I'm doing on my next trip to PA)

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