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Temporary Maps available for Garmin?


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I have a Garmin Vista Cx, and own the map for the United States. In about two months I'll be taking a business trip to London England and would love to be able to have a map for the trip. I can geocache without a map, lots of people do, but for walking around town and not getting lost I'd really like a map.


Are there any options other than buying the European MapSource map? I don't want to spend $100+ for a map that will only be used for a week.

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You could try getting hold of a copy "Roads & Recreation UK" or "Metro Guide UK".


These have reasonable road maps of the UK and do not need an unlock code.


They don't 'Autoroute' though if I recall correctly.


There is a way to copy the maps to your hard drive but I can't remember how it's done now! :laughing:

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