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Is there a Program for taking paper maps and using them with gps


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I am wondering if there is a program that can do the following:


Take a scanned map and some how establish a couple of reference points either from the coordants on the map itself or from establishing know points on the map with waypoints from the gpsr.


This would then establish the scale of the map as well known reference points. From there you could plot other points and them upload them to your gpsr. The maps themselves would not be uploaded to the GPSr just worked with on the computer.


More specifically for my purposes being a park ranger I want to take some maps from various sources (things like mountain biking, bouldering and bootleg skiing maps) and using reference points find other points they depict. I also want to be able to use an uncoventionally scaled yet highly accurate map and use track logs from my gps to plot some social trails that are forming on the scanned image.


I am probally not being very clear in explaing myself but any help would be apprieciated.

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I have been using Gartrip(www.gartrip.de) for several months now and I think it is probably what you are looking for. You can take a scanned map and once you calibrate it you can load a GPX file of way points and tracks. You can also add WPs to the map by just clicking on the spot you want to add the WP.

The free version limits you to 30 WPs and some other stuff, but I can't remember what they are.

The learning curve is kind of steep but once you get it figured out it works pretty good.

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Thanks for both the suggestions. It looks like they will both do it but expert gps seems to have a cleaner interface all though more money. If any one else is looking for one I also just found a free program called gps trackmaker that does it. I am going to mess around with the expertgps free download.

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USAPhotoMaps from www.jdmcox.com is free and allows you to import your waypoints for display on both Topo maps and aerial photos. Great little program if you have a high speed internet connection to download the pictures as you need them. Would not be so great if you only had dialup. You can also set it up so within GSAK you can right-click a cache then launch USAPhotomaps and have that cache show up on the map... very quick and handy.

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