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A List Of Cachers!

Lemon Fresh Dog

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BigG & Ogre who first picked up one of my TB's in Tennessee and drove it to Georgia to get it some miles. THEN, was willing to go back to GA a couple months later to rescue it from the cache and get it back out and moving again.


And, of course, MaxB who's moved so many TBs in so many ways that we could likely have a thanks list just for him as its own thread.

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oh, and grcarlson who helped me track down the person who had snagged my TB out of a cache (but forgotten to log it) around the time he'd been at the cache(many states from his home). He not only knew who had the TB, but even managed to get them to e-mail me and log it, and now she's round again.

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I have so many to say thanks to for moving my little travlers, first MAX B (you rock) lost scouts (you always move them quick and geopigs (we met you at the MWGB, your little piggies are sooo cute and you always end up with our bugs) and last but not least Wolverine warriors, you guys give a bug/coin a great place to stay and give them a good freshing up!!!! You all work real hard to get bugs traveling-- YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!!! Keep upthe good work!!!! <_<<_<

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i'm not surprised to see maxb on the list over and over. i had no idea what i was in for when he received a couple of my tbs. he had happy recently, my absolutely favorite, and took for a nice ride that included geowoodstock and the original plaque. in fact, happy met every goal of several while in the care of this fine cacher. also, ...pictures for days! happy burned in california shortly after its' magic carpet ride. so i am especially thankful for maxb's hospitality. i will be delighted for any of my tbs to meet up with the likes of maxb on the river again.

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