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Original Can Of Beans

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And there we have it folks. Team 360 has the beans, Tons of people would like to take care of it, The best way to persurve it is in acrylic (by the way there is a place that will do it here in Chatsworth, CA and it's like $200) lots of people are pissed off like team 360 or people are on his side. I think at this time, all questions have been asked and there for all answers have been posted. we all would like to see the O.C.B. in a better place and team 360 would like to keep it. i would like to say some nasty things about some of the stuff he has written me personly but due to the fact he can not respond at this time i will keep my post to myself. so i here by close this thread at this time and i will take some ones advice and go get more caches for i am now getting closer to 100 finds Woo Hoo. some please notify me when team 360 is no longer banded from Groundspeak i still have some words i like to say to him pesonaly in the Forums. thank you for all that showed they do care about the can of beans, and good luck with the un-original can of beans

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