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Your Coordinates Are Off!


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So, the long and short of it. How sure do you have to be in your GPS to post a public note to a cache owner that their coordinates are off? Have you ever done it? Have you posted a cache with coordinates that were "soft" just to make it more difficult?


I'll allow thirty feet for your GPS, and thirty feet for mine. When half the finders tell you that your coordinates are seventy feet off, in the middle of the street, something is wrong. Everybody's out of step but Kelly.


Yup! Somebody go check! This may be the FIRST time I have agreed with HD. :D:unsure:



It's really entertaining when I get the "Your coords were off by" (20 feet or less) logs on my caches that NO ONE has had trouble finding in 3 years or more. :lol: It's the mark of the anal geocachers club (AGC) and I usually hear about some of these same folks again at events. :( Sometimes the other guy's experience with that cacher is very entertaining.


Awhile back, I had a member of "The AGC" blame ME for not finding a bonus cache on a particularly hard off-road series of mine. They were so confident with their own past off-road experience that it just HAD to be my bad coords that robbed them of their prize. They never took into account that 7 other teams (5 actual finders + 2 teams of caretakers including me) had no trouble finding the bonus within 15 feet of the posted coords (caretakers more than half a dozen times) and the day they were hunting was severely overcast for early snow. :( Gotta love the AGC. It's never their fault. One of them sent me a nastygram swearing to NEVER hunt another cache of mine. Thanks buddy, don't 'cha know you're doin' me a favor. -_-


More recently, Vinny and Sue visited quite a few of my caches and commended be for being within 3 feet every time. I hide with a Magellan and that's what they use too. I've often wondered since then if the cache hunter and hider have similar units that the results are better for the hunter..... :D

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