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Microsoft Trips And Streets Cd Problem

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go to a Walmart of video store and buy a unit sometimes call Disk Doctor. They run about 30 bucks or so. follow the instructions and it should take care of most scratches. Keep in mind that CD/DVDs are read from the inside out. So don't waste your time with scratches on the outer edge that probably aren't the problem.

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Hi blueduece,

Ive just arrived in USA today on holiday from Australia do you find this is the software needed to accompany gps/laptop or can you recommend others. We hope to buy something that can assist inner city stuff too.any ideas?



The 2006 MS&T does support auto-routing with a laptop/GPS combination. I'm not overly impressed with the response time so I really don't recommend using it in say, downtown Chicago traffic. Have a co-pilot who can read the directions and tell you the route in advance of the turn.


The maps are as accurate as most other map software packages and it can be uploaded to a PocketPC.


There are several things that I like about it better than City Select, like it's address search and setting up a route.


And you can't beat the price.


(You can get it at a local Best Buy for around $20-$30)

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It's definately the scratch. The error sasy 'can't read from device' and the DVD drive keeps making strange buzzing noises. Oh and I had a big ol brain freeze, I have 2006 not 2000. So how do I go about buffing the CD, just use a soft cloth or is something else recomended?


I've heard you can use soft abrasive cleaners like silver polish or brasso, but I've never tried it. Someone else can chime in here, or try googling for instructions.

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