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  1. hmmmmm, I was able to post this on my FB wall though??
  2. I've been trying to link my accounts from geocaching.com with FB. everytime I click the link, it comes up with " An error has occurred: There already is a Groundspeak account that uses the desired email address." any solutions??
  3. I don't believe changing the time zone in your account settings fixes this problem. I understand that the log edit screen will always open on Seattle time. But once you've changed it for your first log of the day it will remember the date. Really, S***! Just checked as I dashed out earlier for a FTF, yes you are right.Todays date the 15th here was shown as 14th! Very annoying as I usually log as I go on my iphone, and you can't set date on the app- though I guess I could go onto the website and log the first one- pain when you are out caching and want to keep on caching. Antone else- maybe from Groundspeak can think about solving this issue please- this effects thousands of cachers who are not in the USA!!! Yes I'm in Australia, and am wishing for a solution also, I've worked out if I submit as Field note it has the correct date, but if I submit as log it will be yesterdays date...very annoying as I just logged 100 caches in a day!!!
  4. Good luck with your birthday present Jedi-6 alas that e-tailer does not ship internationally.
  5. Great idea, but first I need to find the best price.
  6. Ive been thinking about upgrading from my brothers 12xl and want either the 60cx or 60csx. has anyone had reliable purchases from online store and cheap?? Can I change the default maps if I am in Australia? All feedback would be appreciated Highrod
  7. Any luck with the 6110, Im interested in it and wondering how your going now with software and compatibility Cheers Highrod
  8. Hi tgsnoopy, can you help me out,. Im from Australia and noticed an old discussion of yours about garmin 12xL and changing over internal batteries. My question is if I change the battery does it loose any memory when exchanging?? Hope to hear from you. Cheers Highrod (Aaron)
  9. Hi blueduece, Ive just arrived in USA today on holiday from Australia do you find this is the software needed to accompany gps/laptop or can you recommend others. We hope to buy something that can assist inner city stuff too.any ideas?
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