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Microsoft Mappoint 2006

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I have the chance to get Microsoft MapPoint 2006 for $20.


Is anyone familiar with it, does it work for Geocaching well? Can I export PQ's to it and see them on screen?


My plan is to run it on a Laptop, hooked to a Garmin 72, and use it for both Caching and Travel. I'm not completely sure the laptop will run it, but I'm willing to try. From what I understand, it is a ramped up version of S&T, with tools for Business logistics.


Any thoughts?

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I've got 2004 and it works great. I'll admit though that it is a bit of an overkill for geocaching and navigation. But for $20.00.............it is a no brainer. Are you getting a valid product license with that and the original cd from microsoft? You can import gc waypoints from GSAK by selecting MS streets & trips in the export dialog. It also works well when you connect your GPSr and use it as an antenna. And your laptop screen is one heck of a lot better as a navigation display that that GPSr will ever be. Just set the nmea according to the user's manual. :huh::):P

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If you can get your hands on a copy of MS Streets and trips with the GPS locator, you can use the GPS locator for most mapping programs that accept NEMA. I have MS Streets and Trips 2005 and just loaded Delorme Street Atlas and will give that a try. I use it on my laptop in my truck for work. I'm a field service engineer and have to a large territory and sometimes I'm sent to other states to help out. Yes a laptop screen is much easier to read than a GPS screen. I also have a Garmin Vista Cx for hunting and hiking.

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