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Zork Like Text Adventure Puzzle Cache

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Of the 2 I created, my favorite is this one, its a Java Script

GCW8FN Dog Day - Source code is in the downloaded html file


GCW669 Out of gas - Source code is C, and is available to anyone who wants it.


First one could be used anywhere, just have to change the coordinates & clue


Second one is kind of specific to a rural area.

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Ahh the days of Zork I have been thinking of doing a zork type cache I still play it from time to time.


West of House

You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front


There is a small mailbox here.


Nice job :)

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Hey what a great idea. I loved those things. they got better...one that I used to play had graphics...what was it called...can't remember but you had to find penelope. Anyway, I played just for fun and got the coords and completed my rounds. Loved it.

Was it called Zork Quest1 Assault on Egreth Castle

or Dragon's Lair?

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That's COOL! I remember playing Scott Adams (not of Dilbert fame) text adventures way back.


What was once called a text adventure isnow call Interactive Fiction. Several sites for current games (yes, CURRENT!) are http://www.ifarchive.org/, http://jerz.setonhill.edu/if/index.html and of course the wiki at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interactive_fiction!


People still make these, and I believe there are front ends that allow you to script (rather than build code and a parser) new games. Many of these are as powerful or more powerful than Scott Adams engine or Infogames old engine.




I'm gonna check yours out (haven't yet). This is a cool idea, and I wish I thought of it! Keep in mind some people may not want to run an executable file on their machine, though. EDIT: I see you have this covered! GREAT!

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You could go overboard with this if you wanted, it would be especially easy with the javascript version.


You could play sounds at cetain times.

Display images at certain times.


But I already spent too much time on the first one

I probably put 20 hours into Out of Gas

and 5 hours into Dog Day, plus another 10 to convert it to javascript, if I create anymore, it will probably be in C. First real javascript that I wrote, C is what I do for a living.

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It seems that I can't stay ahead of the geocaching community for cache ideas. A couple of years ago I started thinking of setting up a hide based on a text adventure like Zork only to find that one had already been placed. GCJY6B, The Adventures of 1Geocacher proved to me that the idea was a good one, but I never managed to have the time to set up a story and work on the code for a local cache.


Fast forward a couple of years to find me working on a story line and perfecting the code for a cache in my area. A random glance at the forum topics this morning shows me that I'm not the only one looking to set one of these up again.


Glad to see this variety of cache appearing. I really enjoyed the hours I spent playing and mapping out those old Infocom games. If life will ever let me have the time to finish the debugging I may finally be able to place my version of one of these. The basic storyline and mapping is the easy part - it's the evil puzzles within the game that are the hardest part for me to set up and have work properly. Of course, coming up with "cameos" of local cachers is also proving to be difficult.


Good luck on making more games in the future.



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