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Unusual Logging Methods

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Naturally I have numerous ideas for wacky caches because I still have no gps (yet I have 20 finds). While visiting Indiana, I came across a cache that was inside a library book in a library. I logged it and I thought of cool public places like that to hide caches. I came up with drive thru windows(cache upon request), certain buses(with schedule and routes on the cache page), and even like in huge stores. I know there are rules aboout private property and the probability of muggles, but I could still follow them, and the idea is too cool to pass up. I was wondering what other ideas people have like this, and what kinds of caches like this are already out there. Please let me know!! :rolleyes:

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One of the coolest caches I've ever done was in New Orleans and called View Carre' http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...40-a9adb6a50ba8. You had to go into a building and ask about the cache. I don't want to give too much away, but you can look at the link and figure it out.


Overall, it was great because of the View Carre'. I think what would make this interesting is would be to take you to someplace you couldn't (or wouldn't) otherwise go that has some sort of "reward" at the end. That reward could be the awsome view or something else. Just make the end result unique. Otherwise, it'll be like a lamp post find, pretty cool the first time but pretty dull after the 20th...

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