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  1. Hey I love what you're doing!!! My name is SCUZBALL I'm 17, into Japanese culture, and I would love an avitar. Do I just ask like that? do I owe you something? how do i go about requesting an avitar? I would love something with arrows in it, like these let me know what to do ASAP! THANK YOU!
  2. I think that the numbers are important. I don't however, think they're a competition. They're like a way of gaining respect from other people. There's always going to be people who have found more, but the cachers you actually know will realize that having 5K finds is a big deal, even if you aren't in the top 1,000 rankings. So, if your caching friends know you have actually only found 1K but have logged 5K, then they're not going to respect you as they would had you actually found 5K. SO: it doesn't matter what you have on paper because anyone who matters to you will know how many you've actually found
  3. I'm a big fan of caches that are in urban/semi-urban areas, and I usually don't use my GPS, so I can't do multi's
  4. http://myspace.com/jellosoup I bet you'll be surprised. You would have never thought I Geocached by looking at this profile. don't forget to click the link in my 'about me' section =]
  5. I just made this up, it has no name that I know of. Anyway, make a 10-stage puzzle cache that requires difficult riddles and logic. In each stage, hide a stamp of a different color or something like that. First to get all the stamps wins!
  6. I just made this up, it has no name that I know of. Anyway, make a 10-stage puzzle cache that requires difficult riddles and logic. In each stage, hide a stamp of a different color or something like that. First to get all the stamps wins!
  7. well, I'm only 16 so I get a ride with my cousin (who's 17), and we use my mom's 2004 Ford Explorer. HOWEVER: there is a legend geocacher named AirRaidFan in my area who has a 'cachemobile'. It's a Jeep, but there's a platform next to the driver's seat with a laptop, along with a built-in GPS system and a handheld GPS system. Eveything a cacher will ever need is right there in his front seat.
  8. A cousin of mine, age 18, was an unregistered cacher. He took a cache for some reason, then he got registered.
  9. I would love to look for a cache like that! Good idea, seriously! It would be nice if the food was really easy to make and was still not well known, so it would be fun to actually cook. That would also be cool if you had coupons for the ingredients as swag. 'Twould be awesome!
  10. I have always wanted to put a cache in a Wal-Mart or some other big building. I've heard that it must be in a non commercial place like a library, but I've heard people say that I could put them in big buildings as long as I don't require entrance fees. I know parking lots are common, but if that's not solicitation, then why can't they step inside? Please clarify this topic for me.
  11. This issue gets on my nerves a lot. The Geocaching community seems to be pretty family-oriented, full of nice people, and theres not any stupid ciminals yet. On the internet, you can't get rid of hackers. In games, you can't get rid of cheaters. With Geocaching, I think more force needs to be applied to get rid of devaluation of caches. I figured it must be young people, but I'm only fifteen and I try to trade up or take smaller things that no one wants. If you're like me and most people I know, you have plenty of things that you don't use anymore. Walk through your house and think, "What would I want to get rid of if I had a yard sale." Go through closets, clean out your basement. Most of your junk is valuable to other people. I think this issue would be less important with bucket-sized caches and caches of that nature. I also think signature items are super awesome for caches, especially if they fit in micros.
  12. If you ask me, I think people should be able to make an appointment as an option. If they want cooler things in the cache and newer hints and whatnot, they can contact you, but it should still be available without an appointment, for those who don't take things from the cache or don't want to put out the extra effort for stuff.
  13. At the time of this coincidence, I was excited to get my first cache outside of Kentucky, or Louisville, for that matter. Anyway, I was at my aunt's house because she was in France with her students. I had no computer, so I decided to use the library and walked through the town, as we always do when we go somewhere in Madison. I remember noticing the street names on the way to the library, so I could find caches easier once I got the information (I had no GPS until last week). Upon passing Elm Street, I entered the library. I searched for caches in the area by the zip code. Waiting for the results to pop up, I was teeming with excitement because I was still fairly new to Geocaching and I was obsessed then..........but I'm not....now....er...anyway, the first name to pop up was 796.51. I didn't know what it was, but I read the info. The clue said to look for a log "BOOK". I looked at the maps, and it said it was just past Elm Street....but I had just crossed Elm Stre.....OOH! I thought about asking the staff at the library about it, thinking it would be available upon request. The cache page said that the workers were friendly if I had problems. I thought a little more. Hold on! 796.51? duhh! I want downstairs to find the book numbered 796.51, opened it up, and logged it. How many times do you search for a cache that happens to be in the same building you're in??
  14. THANX, YALL. I won an auction today on ebay. $39 for a Garmin 48. Is this good enough?
  15. I was in Indiana for a trip to my aunt's house when I decided to go into the library and use the internet for Geocaching purposes. To my suprise, that library had a cache in it! Anyway, I was wondrering if there are caches like that which require asking for the logbook by the workers of the place. I have thought about placing caches like that in drive thru windows or maybe inside the restaurants(ask a waiter at a certain table, given by the cache page). I also wonder if there are any in public places like buses(if the schedule and routes were on the cache page) Anyone??? Any other types of caches like this will also be good to post.
  16. I am only fifteen, so I went through the huge gameboy craze while I was little. Upon searching drawers for swag the other day, I came across my old gameboy games and the small cases they were in. I immediately put them in a pile to use. They are about 2.5 x 2.5 and 1/2 inch deep. They are waterproof and seemed perfect, so people should look into using them.
  17. I think micros in urban areas or muggle-heavy areas are suitable. What I don't think is necessary is when people hide a camouflage micro in the middle of a dense forest where nobody ever goes. Why not hide a bucket or at least an ammo can? If a cacher goes a mile into a deep forest to find a cache, they have had enough of a challenge. They can also be rewarded with swag or some kind of prize. I'm tired of going into lush forests to find only a logbook.
  18. Thanks for the info! I always thought that caching without a gps was like trying to play tennis with a golfball. Sure, it works sometimes, but you are limited. Anyway, what is all necessary for geocaching. So I just put in the coords and what does the thing tell me to do? what's the waypoint for then? Sorry, still a n00b with a gps. If all I need is an accurate gps for putting in waypoints and coords, then what's the routing feature for? what extra help do maps provide? and what is the convenience for computer connection???
  19. Naturally I have numerous ideas for wacky caches because I still have no gps (yet I have 20 finds). While visiting Indiana, I came across a cache that was inside a library book in a library. I logged it and I thought of cool public places like that to hide caches. I came up with drive thru windows(cache upon request), certain buses(with schedule and routes on the cache page), and even like in huge stores. I know there are rules aboout private property and the probability of muggles, but I could still follow them, and the idea is too cool to pass up. I was wondering what other ideas people have like this, and what kinds of caches like this are already out there. Please let me know!!
  20. I, for one ,love urban caches. I only regret the overuse of guardrails. I like the ones that have a historical summary of the area on the page. Turtle..something.. in my area hides these types of caches well and they include historical urban places that are long gone and are fun to revisit. Some places in an urban setting are scenic and often unnoticed by passers by. In my area, I have learned the origins of my town, city, and local parks. found a few parks I didn't know about, and a roadside graveyard I pass by every day. There are some things to see in the city and I think the idea of placing caches in common areas or muggle-heavy areas makes the game more exciting.
  21. I need a gps with a map thingy on it so i can see where the cache is on a map. I need to be able to connect it to my computer. I need it to be under $100 (USA). I've seen eTrex's, but do they have all this? what about the magellan 100 thing? Eagle Explorers are on ebay for like $30. Will they do??? Someone please just tell me a specific, affordable model with these qualities. I've logged 20 caaches already, without the use of a gps. I am limited to few more finds without a gps, so please help me!!
  22. How do I get it if I win an auction, and how long will it take to get here? How much time do I have to bid?
  23. 1) If your staying at a friend's house, it is mandatory that they have the internet and that you know their zip code....DONE IT! 2) If you see anyone with an offroad vehicle, hiking boots, or a backpack, they are, to you, undoubtedly Geocaching...DONE IT!! 3) You refuse to tell your friends what Geocachng is because they may betray you and take your FTF away...DONE IT!!! 4) You wish you could have a tape measure that measures 1/10 of a mile so you can place as many caches as possible in your area....DONE IT!!!! 5) Your idea of pranking someone is no longer placing toilet paper in their trees, but placing micros in their garden....DONE IT!!!!! 6) At age fifteen, you plan Geocaching trips instead of trips to the movies....DONE IT!!!!!! 7) To avoid muggles, you itentionally trip into the woods, fall into a guardrail, or try to swim on concrete in a parking lot...?.....DONE IT!!!!!!!...DONE IT!!!!!!!...DONE IT!!!!!!! 8) You look for a job based on which buildings or areas you would have access to hide things in....DONE IT!!!!!!!! 9) You stare down each guardrail you pass in your car, looking for magnetic keyholders....DONE IT!!!!!!!!! 10) You have a fight with your team members about who gets to be the first geocacher to place a cache on the moon......Seviously....DONE IT !!!!!!!!!! P.S. i want to see the show that you're making out of these replies
  24. Geocaching=what people do when they are no longer allowed to dominate the Easter egg hunts.
  25. Fantasy: Ada Wong (resident evil 4), that crazy chic from The Breakfast Club, and Natalya Syminova (How awesome would that be!!!) Real: Mrs. Claus
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