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What Is The Current Version Of Mapsource Topo?

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Mapsource is on version 6.something.


The Topo version number shouldn't have anything to do with how the maps are transferred to the device, the Mapsource app itself does that. Mapsource is for displaying and transfering the maps you buy or make (topo, street, or otherwise).

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MapSource is the Garmin product that handles all map applications and talks to your GPSr. You need a copy of it to see the maps and load them. MapSource typically comes with the maps. You can also download it from Garmin.


It is analogous to Adobe's PDF reader. If someone sends you a .pdf file, it does you no good unless you can open it up, so you have to download the Adobe reader. MapSource is the "reader" for Garmin map files.


You can't press the analogy too far. Other third party apps will actually read Garmin data, but for most users, you just get MapSource.

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