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Geocaching On Quebec Tv Show


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I'm surfing past one of the French stations, and I just happen to hear the word geocache. It was on the TVA channel (which I believe is nationally broadcast). The show was Sucre Sale, and as best as I could determine it, the concept seems to be sending Quebec celebrities out doing various activities.


It is apparently rebroadcast at 10PM EST tonight.


Here's all I could find, as apparently there is some sort of contest involved as well:


Marc-André Coallier fait du géocaching.




Marc-André Coallier participe à la chasse au trésor Sucré Salé.


Participez vous aussi à la chasse au trésor Sucré Salé !


Coordonnées GPS

Montréal : 45° 32 ' 5 ' ' N

73° 39 ' 44 ' ' O


Québec : 46° 48 ' 50 ' ' N

71° 13 ' 28 ' ' O


Eastman : 45° 18 ' 582 N

72° 19 ' 817 O


* À tous les chanceux qui réussiront la course, veuillez nous contacter via notre site Internet.

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It was on 11pm that night and we just happened to be staying in Quebec City that night, so we decided to watch the show. It was all in french so I had a hard time understanding what was going on, but it looked like they were having quite a bit of fun on their geocaching adventure, and in the end instead of finding a cache, they found a stuffed cat...quite amusing. Thanks for posting about it and letting us know it was on.

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