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Request For Icon Change

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A few days ago, I noticed that the Disneyland/DCA Benchmarks category had acquired ears on its benchmark icon. Très cute! I sent the Waymarking.com folks a note requesting that the same icon be assigned to the Walt Disney World Benchmarks category. I received a note back saying that "the contact@Waymarking.com address is reserved for tech support questions relating to the Waymarking.com website. In most situations these types

of questions are best answered in our discussion forums."


Seems to me that an icon change on the website *is* a tech support issue, and I know there's nothing that 99.99% of the people reading these forums can do about changing our icon. So I apologize in advance for taking up forum space to make a request of the Groundspeak folks. But if that's how we're supposed to do this, then so be it...


So, if someone at Groundspeak reads this, could you please assign the same icon to our other category?




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