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Sioux Falls Geocaching Picnic

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The Sioux Falls Geocaching group is getting together for a fun

evening of picnicking and caching! Please join us for this event

whether you are a seasoned cacher, a novice one, or just curious to

find out more about this unique activity! This event is suitable for

all ages and we hope to provide some insight for those who are new

to the sport. This event will kick off a new permanent cache in the

area as well as a few temporary caches for the evening.


When: June 22, 2006 6PM


Where: Follow the co-ordinates at the cache site on geocaching.com.

if you do not have a GPS, call 582-7092 and we will give you



Bring: A dish to pass, your own meat to grill, beverages (no alcohol

allowed in the park), bug spray, lawn chairs, GPS (if you don't have

one, don't let that stop you from attending - there should be lots

there to check out if you're interested)


Activities: Permanent cache to find, temporary caches to try, games

(horseshoes, bocci ball, bean bags etc). Feel free to bring along

your own games as well. There is also a playground and sand area in

the park.


Who can come: Anyone interested in geocaching - Geocachers

and `wannabees', curious family and friends! All pets must be

leashed in the park and their waste disposed of in trash containers.


Cost: There is no cost associated with the event; however, a

donation of $1.00 per person or $3.00 per family will be appreciated

and will help offset costs incurred for the event. Should there be

any profit, it will be carried over to the next event that the Sioux

Falls Geocaching group hosts. We will provide the plates,

silverware, napkins, charcoal & lighter fluid plus a geo caching

packet that will contain information on geo caching and setting up

your own caches.


Contacts: Ellen or Lori. (moderator edited personal information)


Please join in the fun, meet fellow cachers and help introduce

newcomers to this great sport.


PLEASE RSVP TO Geocaching.com on the cache site OR CALL US PRIOR TO


Thanks for your co-operation as this will help us co-ordinate the



Hope to see you there.

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Hi! I edited out the personal phone numbers of others. If you have their permission to post them, you can put them back in with a statement that it is with their permission. I assume the first phone number is your own, so I left that. But personal information of others should only be posted with their permission.



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