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  1. In addition, there was a 10% off coupon and 15,000 free Best Buy points with purchase of one item. My final price will be around $28.00.
  2. All the caches are randomly scrambled. Just started happening today.
  3. I think you're part of a very small group. Most of the people I've heard comment on Mobi say how much of a useless piece of trash it is. Probably would be most useful to stick with one's own experience, especially when there is no specific compaint there. Possibly, but you were suggesting it as an alternative, and I don't think its a very good one. The person asked us what we use. I think you're off base to shoot down another person's response. And in the first place, why not try it first before you give your opinion on it. Ive used mobipocket for almost 400 caches and I dont think it is a piece of trash!
  4. Ive used mobipocket for almost 400 caches and I think it is useful, not a piece of trash.
  5. The Sioux Falls Geocaching group is getting together for a fun evening of picnicking and caching! Please join us for this event whether you are a seasoned cacher, a novice one, or just curious to find out more about this unique activity! This event is suitable for all ages and we hope to provide some insight for those who are new to the sport. This event will kick off a new permanent cache in the area as well as a few temporary caches for the evening. When: June 22, 2006 6PM Where: Follow the co-ordinates at the cache site on geocaching.com. if you do not have a GPS, call 582-7092 and we will give you directions. Bring: A dish to pass, your own meat to grill, beverages (no alcohol allowed in the park), bug spray, lawn chairs, GPS (if you don't have one, don't let that stop you from attending - there should be lots there to check out if you're interested) Activities: Permanent cache to find, temporary caches to try, games (horseshoes, bocci ball, bean bags etc). Feel free to bring along your own games as well. There is also a playground and sand area in the park. Who can come: Anyone interested in geocaching - Geocachers and `wannabees', curious family and friends! All pets must be leashed in the park and their waste disposed of in trash containers. Cost: There is no cost associated with the event; however, a donation of $1.00 per person or $3.00 per family will be appreciated and will help offset costs incurred for the event. Should there be any profit, it will be carried over to the next event that the Sioux Falls Geocaching group hosts. We will provide the plates, silverware, napkins, charcoal & lighter fluid plus a geo caching packet that will contain information on geo caching and setting up your own caches. Contacts: Ellen or Lori. (moderator edited personal information) Please join in the fun, meet fellow cachers and help introduce newcomers to this great sport. PLEASE RSVP TO Geocaching.com on the cache site OR CALL US PRIOR TO JUNE 18TH. Thanks for your co-operation as this will help us co-ordinate the event. Hope to see you there.
  6. Our event went very well. We had 11 families (20 people total) attend. Tom Catron won the geocoin donated by electric mouse. Our cleanup efforts made a huge difference in the appearance of the park along the rocky shoreline of the Big Sioux River.
  7. The Sioux Falls Geocaching group will meet from 7:00PM to approximately 8:00 pm on Tuesday evening, May 9th, near the Statue of David, downtown Sioux Falls, to participate in a CITO cleanup event. Please wear shoes that will be safe for climbing around on the rocks near the river, which is the area that we will be cleaning. This is not a very dangerous area, but some common sense is required. Please bring your children if you wish. Also, BRING YOUR OWN GARBAGE BAGS, and GLOVES, and whatever else you wish to have. We will have a drawing for a geocoin that hopefully, our club will receive thanks to Electric Mouse, our area volunteer moderator. All participants will be able to log this event. Hope to see you there!
  8. Sometimes i can even post or read posts or find caches...... They need get a bigger or better and faster server. If they dont do something pretty soon, this is going to be a mess especially as fast as the hobby is growing.
  9. I've been looking for a link, but I can't seem to find it. Cary in S.D.
  10. My worst injury occured just 10 days ago. I was caching in Northeastern Iowa. One of the caches had some barb wire just a couple of feet from the cache, which was under a bridge. I sat down for about 2-3 minutes, because I was reading the log. I totally forgot about the barbed wire. When I stood up, I got nailed. To make a long story short, I had a 4 inch gash on the top of my skull, that required emergency medical treatment. It is pretty much healed up now. The longer version of the story is quite amusing now, but I will leave that to another post maybe in the future!
  11. Thanks for pointing out the error. You are correct, I mispoke in the article. I correctly stated that South Dakota WAS the last state to have a cache placed in it. However, the date was March 3, 2001, not 2003. The name of the cache was SD #1. The eighth finder discovered it in January 2002. After that the cache went missing and the placer retired it. Supposedly, it still can be found in the archives of geocaching.com.
  12. You are invited to attend the Sioux Falls Geocaching meeting on Thursday, April 20the at the Oak View Library, 3700 E. 3rd Sioux Falls. The time is 7:30. There is no cost to join our club. Also you may want to join our Forum for messages. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sioux_falls_geocaching/ Hope to see you soon. - Cary -
  13. hi, we have started a club in sioux falls (and all areas near) , and welcome you to join our yahoo group. there is no charge. We welcome your input. Please sign up at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sioux_falls_geocaching/ Cary
  14. meeting turned out great. there were 9 adults and a 2 young adults. Next meeting will be on April 20th. Location to be determined. We welcome anyone interested to join our yahoo group. there is no charge. We welcome your input. Please sign up at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sioux_falls_geocaching/ Cary
  15. I had the same problem.......... What I had to do was download some of the newest Garmin drivers to my GPS. Then it worked. www.garmin.com for the drivers. Cary in SD
  16. Thats not what I would call a deal. It is stupidity or error on the part of the shipper. But congrats. You got a better unit then what you bargained for.
  17. i 2nd the recommendation of gpsdiscount.com. I got my 60CSx 3 weeks ago from them. Price was $509 including TOPO software, 4AA Batteries and charger, and carrying case. ($111.00 value) making the price of the CSx $398.00. I absolutely love the unit and the software. Cary in S.D.
  18. There are a LOT of roads on the Garmin unit, virtually all section line roads are included, including parking lot roads in parks etc. (I live in S.D., so if they are listed here, they will be on other places) . What isnt included on the TOPO maps is the names of all the smaller roads, but the larger roads and highways are named. I have found this more than sufficient for all my geocaching. If you want a turn by turn software program for the Garmin, you will have to get City Select V7 which can be loaded on the same card as the TOPO software. Cary in S>D
  19. i cant speak for the other brands, but I am a new geocacher, and after reading the forums, decided to get the Garmin 60CSx. I also have the Garmin TOPO software . I am very happy with them. What I like about the garmin is that under heavy tree cover and even indoors or in the car, the receiver qualitly of the 60CSx is superior to anything out there in the price range. Cary in S.D.
  20. 50 posts? lol. i just got my 50th today. Joined on February 22, 2006. Today is March 12, 2006. 18 days for 50 posts. Woohoo! Cary in S.D
  21. Get the 60CSx and don't think twice about it ever again. Best Antenna receiver on the market. Go for it, and enjoy! Can you tell I am partial? I got mine 21 days ago. Glad i did. It fits my hand like a glove. Works great in the woods, unlike most of the others due to the new technology of the receiver. Cary in S.D.
  22. Great Story! Do log your cache. it doesnt matter if you signed the log or not. Log signing is optional as is leaving something. For example i have logged caches that were frozen in the ground and I could not open, but I saw the container. You were there, you saw it, so you log it. Cary in South Dakota
  23. I know the specs listed on Garmin are identical, there has to be some subtle differences! Cary in S.D.
  24. In one word, YES! Plus the fact that you get a memory card. Well worth the extra $50.00 - 100.00 in my opinion. I considered the CS and C also and the vista and legend. Once you spend the money and have it, you will soon forget about price. But once you are unable to find a cache or 2 , you will regret not having the better receiver. It also works lots better in the car and indoors also. Cary in S.D.
  25. Upon reading about your intial finds, yuou seemed to be having a good time doing it. If you are now disillusioned with the sport, fine, I can accept that. I feel your post insultory and done to stir up others to the rest of us, probabably due to your frustration. But to try to ruin it for other people should not be accepted. I would love to see your post pulled. Cary in S.D.
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