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Would There Be Any Interest In This Book?

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As you may or may not know there are more than a few books out there about philosophy and this or that, everything from the Simpsons to the Atkins Diet, and I was curious how much interest there would be in a similar book about Geocaching?


For example, essays on The Wilderness and Geocaching, Pirates and Geocaching, Technology and Nature: Geocaching in the 21st Century, etc., etc.


Would anybody be interested in reading such a thing?

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It can't hurt to write it and see what happens. Never ceases to amaze me what the American public will read.


I thought some might have known what these books are like, they are a group of essays from different authors, presumably fellow cachers and/or philosophers about the meaning of caching.


So I guess, would there be any interest in a book by cachers about why they are into geocaching, what it means on a larger scale, etc., etc.


I wasn't talking about a book I would write.

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